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Updated February 14, 2018


Why Come To NYC?

PowerPoint Overview on "Why you Need to Come to NYC this year" - Click Here

Economic Pressure on the Poor

New York City’s homeless population continued to rise last year, with the number of homeless people sleeping each night in municipal shelters exceeding 60,000 people, including 25,000 children, for the first time ever. And during the last City fiscal year, an all-time-record 116,000 different New Yorkers, including 42,000 different children, slept at least one night in the New York City shelter system. At the heart of our New York's epidemic of homelessness is a shortage of affordable housing, a lack of mental health care and fewer entry level jobs due to New York State's and NYC regulations & taxes on small business owners.

  • City-wide, the average asking rental price for a one bedroom apartment has risen to about $3,400 a month.

  • New York City started the 90's with some 925,000 units of low-cost ($500 or less per month) housing; it ended the decade with less than 1/3 number.

  • One out of three New York households pays more than 35 percent of its income for rent, the current Federal measure of housing affordability. One out of four pays more than fifty percent.

  • The "housing wage" for New York metro area (the minimal wage a family needs to afford a two bedroom at a fair market rate) is $25.35 an hour. The current minimum wage in New York is $8.75 per hour.


  • In New York City, Approximately 1.5 million people live below the federal poverty level.*

  • In 2010, 37% of New York City residents (3 million people) had difficulty affording food.

  • Compounding that, New Yorkers who live below the poverty line consistently have higher rates of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. (Data from United Way NYC)*

Urban Center Spiritual Decline

  • According to researchers, church attendance is down in NYC by 20 percent over the past decade

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