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Updated February 14, 2018



21 New Group Mission Trip Planning, Training and Equipping Tools 

In response to great feedback from our 2011 and 2012 mission team leaders to NYC, we have invested several months
 in researching, developing and creating 21 new ministry tools for Mission NYC mission team leaders to use for FREE.

As part of our dedication to supporting Youth Pastors and Choir Directors with our NYC expertise in building robust,
challenging, yet
cost effective mission trips, our ministry has turned it up a notch with a set of dynamic yet easy
to understand tool series in order to maximize the impact of your trip to NYC.

All of these tools are again Free to all of the groups planning a mission trip to NYC with our ministry. 
(Click on image to enlarge photos)

- Step by Step Mission Trip Planning Guide     - NYC Overview for Parents

- Spiritual Preparation for Jericho Prayer Walk             - The Inside Scoop on NYC

- Step by Step Jericho Prayer Walk Training Manual   - After Mission Trip Re-Entry

- The Good Samaritan Project                             - Beach Evangelism Training Manual

- Amazing Prayer Journey Manual Times Sq     - Amazing Prayer Journey Manual Central Pk

- Mobile Prayer Center (aka - Prayer Station)    - Mobile Prayer Center Witnessing Handout for people

Additional Training Manuals

  •   MNYC Sample Support Raising Letter & Instructions

  •   Evangelism Crash Course Brochure

  •   How to Share Your Faith - Be the One to Tell Someone

  •   Street Evangelism using the 10 Commandments

  •   Street Evangelism Training Manual - Short Version

  •   Street Evangelism Preaching Manual

  •   Jesus Evangelism for Lutheran Groups

  •   Prayer Request Capture Form for Follow Up

  •   Group Leader Cash & Credit Card Spending Tracker

A Valuable "MUST HAVE" Mission Trip Planning & Preparation Tool   


 ethNYcity: The Nations, Tongues, and Faiths of Metropolitan New York <-- Click text for details